Why Choose Radiator Outlet?

Well, we are the home of affordable radiators!

Here, at Radiator Outlet we have built a healthy reputation over the last 5 years of providing fantastic quality radiators at affordable prices. Throughout this duration, we have supplied our radiators to thousands of customers throughout the country and acquired over 10,000 5-star reviews stating how attractive and efficient our radiators are once fitted in your home!

All our radiators have been manufactured to the highest standards, with no corners cut when it comes to materials used or the manufacturing process. We only supply the highest quality radiators to our customers; our reputation means too much to us to offer anything less.

Our company 'mission statement' is to provide high quality radiators at affordable prices. And that is just what we do.

When buying radiators from Radiator Outlet, you can be assured of warm, reliable and super stylish radiators arriving quickly at your door!

It is no secret that costs are drastically increasing due to the covid 19 pandemic with many companies in all industries looking for alternative materials to keep costs down. Despite these global issues, our radiators are identical in specification to pre covid 19 with the same thickness steel, high quality packaging, super impressive heat outputs; and showroom standard coated finishes, ensuring the same level of satisfaction every time!

Another core fundamental to Radiator Outlet, is the fact we manufacture our own radiators and have warehouses storing our catalogue of radiators, meaning that stocking issues are rare. We are in complete control of the supply chain, meaning any delays from third parties are not a factor when buying from our website.

Finally, and most importantly as a customer, with our radiators being our own and your contract with us, Radiator Outlet. Should you have any issues down the line, your hassle-free 10-year warranty is with us directly, so you are covered. No long-winded process of chasing your radiator manufacturer, you have bought from us, we supplied your radiator, it is down to us to resolve any issues.